Pricing Is Positioning:
3 pricing secrets preventing freelancers from getting better rates

Free Online Masterclass with Paul Klein
Thursday, May 23rd at 1pm EST (10am PST)

Are you confident you’re charging the right amount for your consulting or freelance products and services?

Get 3 pricing strategies to bust through your struggles and demystify your pricing once-and-for-all.

How great would it feel to have your pricing attract your ideal clients like a moth to a flame? (Instead of trying to convince bottom-feeders why you’re worth more.)

You need a keen understanding of value beyond hourly pricing or time + materials. You need to be a ninja with commoditized, productized and customized services.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this free masterclass…

Why charging by the hour will keep you in the poor houseThe golden rule about posting your pricing on your web site How your pricing dictates your positioning…before you ever talk to a client or customer5 pricing arrangements to turn you into a lethal pricing wizard

“Paul has worked with some of the biggest brands and can help you with your pricing, positioning, and getting higher rates.

Mike Kim, Marketing Consultant, Brand Strategist, and Copywriter.

Dan Miller, New York Times Bestselling Author, CEO, 48 Days

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If you don’t have a simple, proven framework for anchoring your value, let me help you. You’ll walk away with the exact same framework I’ve used to help my clients start and scale their own 7-figure businesses.

    Free Online Masterclass
    Thursday, May 23rd at 1pm EST
    (10am PST)

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    Pricing Is Positioning: 3 Pricing Secrets Preventing Consultants from Getting Better Rates

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